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    Tomato hornworms

    Damage caused by tomato hornworms

    All the larval stages of tomato hornworm cause serious damage to many plant species including tobacco, tomato, peppers and eggplants. After hatching from eggs, small larvae begin feeding on the leaves until they mature. In case of heavy infestation, these larvae can completely defoliate the plants.

    Facts (show all)

    +Common names
    • Tomato hornworm and Sphinx moth
    +Scientific name
    • Manduca quinquemaculata

    Adults: Adults of the tomato hornworm are reddish gray in color with a thin black band on each hindwing. Adults also have five longitudinally arranged orange spots on the both dorsal sides of the abdomen..

    Eggs: Eggs of tomato hornworm are round and creamy white in color.

    Larvae: Larvae of tomato hornworm are green in color with green margins on their white stripes located on the sides. Mature larvae are about 3- 4 inches long with green head capsule. Larva is called as hornworm because it has blue horn at posterior region of the body.

    Pupae: Pupae of tomato hornworm are reddish brown in color with a maxillary loop.


    Mated females of tomato hornworm lay eggs singly on both the upper and lower surface of leaves. Eggs hatch within 4- 5 days into small larvae that start feeding leaves. While feeding, larvae pass through 5- 6 developmental stages within 20 days. Mature larvae then fall on the ground and burrow and pupate in the soil. Adult moths then emerge from pupae, lay eggs and life cycle continues. Under favourable conditions, these hornworms can complete egg to adult life cycle in 30- 50 days and 2 generations in a year.

    + Organic Control of Tomato hornworm
    • Following beneficial bugs and plant products can control tomato hornworms organically
    +Egg parasitic wasps
    • Trichogramma brassicae
    • Trichogramma pretiosum
    • Trichogramma minutum
    • Trichogramma platneri
    +Neem Product
    • Molt-X- Azadirachtin

    Click each of the following beneficial bug or plant product for more information on their rates and methods of applications for the effective control of the Tomato hornworms