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    White Grubs

    What are white grubs?

    White grubs are the larval stages of none different species of beetles that cause serious economic damage to many species of turfgrasses that are planted on the golf courses, home lawns and different landscapes. White grubs kill different species of turfgrass by voraciously feeding on their roots whereas the adults of some of the white grub species generally cause feeding damage to aerial plant parts including leaves, twigs, flowers and fruits.

    +Read description of each of the following nine common white grubs by searching each species names
    • Asiatic Garden Beetle, Maladera castanea
    • Black turfgrass Ataenius beetles, Ataenius spretulus
    • European chafer beetles, Rhizotrogus majalis
    • Green June Beetles, Cotinis nitida
    • Japanese beetles, Popillia japonica
    • May/June beetles, Phyllophaga crinita
    • Northern Masked Chafer, Cyclocephala borealis
    • Oriental Beetles, Exomala orientalis
    • Southern Masked Chafer, Cyclocephala lurida

    Click each of the following beneficial bugs or plant product for more information on their rates and methods of applications for the effective control of the all the species of white grubs

    White grubs

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