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    Our mission is simple: Eliminate Chemical Pesticide Use

    Bugs for Growers LLC was formed to help small farmers, gardeners, green house owners, and honey bee keepers use biological pesticides to control insect pests.  Using chemicals to control pests damages the environment, humans, animals and plants. Bugs for Growers provides biological control products and supports each product with detailed information from various scientific papers.


    Ganpati Jagdale


    Dr. Ganpati Jagdale has been working in the field of biological control (specifically on Entomopathogenic Nematodes) since 1990. Dr. Jagdale has published over 22 research and extension papers on Entomopathogenic Nematodes.

    In his free time, Ganpati is a home organic gardener: His favorite crop to grow at home: garlic!


    Parag Jagdale 


    Parag is passionate about reducing humanity's negative impact on the environment and started Bugs for Growers with his father Ganpati.

    His main job at Bugs for Growers is to make sure the technology runs!
    In his free time Parag plays with his daughter and watches movies with his wife. He’s always procrastinating on those “honey do projects”.